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Feeding with nitrogen

Challenge For years we have been cooperating with an Institute of Technology - a world-renowned science and engineering institution, helping with numerous new projects. Recently we were asked to select a nitrogen hose, an ammonia hose and a hydrogen hose for hydrogen and nitrogen transfer to feed a controlled atmosphere furnace installation. We needed three [...]

2018-03-26T13:02:40+02:00By |Chemical Industry|

Hazards in safe hands

Challenge Phenol is classified as a highly poisonous material. When handling or shipping phenol, strict safety recommendations must be followed.  The operators of tank trucks must be familiar with the potential hazards connected with phenol handling before loading or unloading of this product starts.  As careful as they are, though, they cannot predict [...]

2017-03-16T12:15:35+02:00By |Chemical Industry|

Corrosive chlorine problem solved

Challenge Before it gets to our households, water must be first treated to meet drinking water standards. Water supplies must go through purification and disinfection processes to change from ground water into tap water. Water treatment plants must operate smoothly to provide undisturbed supply of water to our home, school, office, etc. The [...]

2017-03-16T12:18:53+02:00By |Chemical Industry|