For years we have been cooperating with an Institute of Technology – a world-renowned science and engineering institution, helping with numerous new projects. Recently we were asked to select a nitrogen hose, an ammonia hose and a hydrogen hose for hydrogen and nitrogen transfer to feed a controlled atmosphere furnace installation. We needed three flexible hose assemblies that would cope with extreme service conditions thus optimizing the nitrogen furnace operation.


After thorough analysis of all technical requirements, a flexible corrugated stainless steel hose was chosen for the nitrogen furnace installation. The nitrogen hose ensures outstanding performance throughout the whole service life estimated at 50 000 bending cycles. With the corrugated tube made of 316L steel and braid of 304 steel, the hose offers outstanding resistance to corrosive fluids or gases, therefore the liquid nitrogen hose is the only one capable of transferring 100% nitrogen at +600⁰C and 100% ammonia at +315⁰C to feed the furnace installation. The corrugations of nitrogen hose produced by hydroforming ensure total leak tightness. Due to this feature the nitrogen hose can be used for the third type of media: 25% hydrogen and 75% nitrogen compound transferred at +600⁰C.  Leaks of hydrogen from hydrogen hose or fittings are very dangerous as its mixture with air may be easily ignited by a spark or heat.

In order to make a complete assembly, nitrogen hose fittings were mounted on the DN 6 nitrogen transfer hose. The fittings must offer the same quality and resistance to the unique and extreme working conditions, so 316L stainless steel was the best choice. The nitrogen hose fittings, with a swivel nut at one end and a pipe fitting at the other, were welded to AISI 304 ferrules. The superior quality of the nitrogen hose assembly was confirmed by a quality certificate supplied with the product.


The hose assemblies that we selected perfectly suited the application. They completely eliminated the risk of furnace malfunction or possible breakdowns adding precision and reliability to the equipment.

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