We were asked to solve problems connected with rewinding and storing a twin welding hose in a steel mill. Two hose lines, 30m each, require quite a lot of space when laying loose and they wear faster.  To arrange the twin hose neatly and make handling more convenient we decided to use a large frame hose reel.


The hand crank hose reel of our choice can easy handle 30m of twin line hose (blue DN9/red DN9).  The carbon steel large frame is covered with long lasting powder coat. Even if it operates in the roughest working conditions, the service life is almost endless.

Although the reel is designed for manual winding of oxy acetylene hoses, the rotation is very smooth and the hose reel is perfectly stable during operation. The handle of the crank is long enough  for the operator to grasp it and turn easily.

Usually hose reels are connected to a single source of supply, however in the case of twin hose, an oxygen hose and acetylene hose are fed by gases from different  pipelines. Inlets are at both sides of the spool so oxygen and acetylene supply hoses can be  easily connected.  The connection is  flexible – to avoid strain when the hose reel is in use.

The hoses work at different pressure, the one conveying oxygen works at 8 up to 10 bar and the other at 0,5 up to 1 bar.

Inlet and whole fluid path are in stainless steel . All components in contact with the medium are thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Handling gases, this procedure is a must to prevent explosion.

This reel system features a rotary union, actually two of the rotary unions, one at each side of the spool. These swivel joints can rotate in each direction eliminating tension and torque. The gas supplied from the installation to the port of the rotary union is transferred down to the outlet in the spool and delivered further to reach the welding torch.


The oxy acetylene hose reel suits specific needs of this application. The twin hose is wound or released when needed. Although the hose reel is pretty bulky it takes up less space than lengths of hose lying on the floor. Once again we managed to deliver improvements that our customers will surely appreciate.

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