It is becoming more and more important to protect hydraulic systems against contamination. This increase in care  is due to the fact that the systems are more advanced and operate at higher speed and lower allowance. The contamination of hydraulic oil reduces effectiveness of the machine, destabilizes its control, causes frequently occurring defects and break-downs that put the machine out of operation.

  • Protection of hydraulic systems against contamination

The requirements concerning the purity of hydraulic oil are specified by ISO 4406 and American NAS 1638 standard.  The standards define cleanliness classes of oil according to the amount of contamination of certain volume – the  lower the number defining the class, the cleaner the hydraulic oil.

Due to above mentioned reasons it is highly recomended to use 2 additional steps during hydraulic hose assembly production procedure.

FIRST ADDITIONAL STEP – use devices for hose, assembly and pipe cleaning. Cleaning can be carried out by shooting cleaning projectiles through the hose using compressed air. Such cleaning method allows to achieve ISO 13/10 cleanliness class of hydraulic oil.

Use cleaning systems to reduce application shutdowns, extend service life of filters and reduce the risk of premature damage of an installation due to impurities !!!

Standard cleaning projectiles are available in diameter range from 2 to 150 mm. The projectiles are shot into hoses, pipes or assemblies under pressure and clean their internal surface. The pressure is necessary as the diameter of projectiles is bigger by 20 ÷ 30% than the diameter of hoses, pipes or assemblies.

  • Use of cleaning systems to reduce application shutdowns
  • Ultra Clean - cleaning system

SECOND ADDITIONAL STEP – use a sealing system that prevents complete hose assemblies from dirt. To fully protect hose assemblies after being cleaned, use clean seal capsules. This process utilizes heat shrink technology to encapsulate the end of a hose or tube assembly. Such solution eliminates recontamination that occurs when ill-fitting caps and plugs are forced onto assemblies, causing plastic particles to shear off into the hose or tube. Clean seal capsules leave absolutely no particles or sticky surface. They perfectly protect the hose assemblies or pipes from contamination until they are removed. Removal includes griping the black pull tab, then ripping the pull tab upwards and finally slipping the clean seal capsule off the hose assembly or pipe. Clean seal capsules are single use and cannot be used again.

  • Clean sealing capsules
  • Sealing system that prevents complete hose assemblies from dirt