One of the projects we worked on was serving a power plant which used to have one of the largest SO2 emissions in the world. Such excessively high levels of emissions lay behind the decision to introduce a flue gas desulphurization (FSG) system within the plant. This project involved cooperation of several companies that needed to: design, manufacture and deliver necessary equipment to limit SO2 emissions. Tubes International was involved in all stages of this process thus ensuring best hose assembly choice.


Tubes International task was to choose, assemble and install hose assemblies (hoses with flanges) for gypsum transfer, that is a by-product during flue gas desulfurization process. The hose assemblies were located between a centrifuge and pipeline. They not only needed to be resistant to working conditions (gypsum, 10 bar, +70°C) but also to combine two additional features such as flexibility (to compensate centrifuge movements) and robust construction (not to collapse during work at 90° ). What is more, the operating time specified for the hose assemblies was 8670 hours per year during 36 months warranty period. That means continuous work for 3 years without a single stop. Our first and, as it turned out, perfect hose choice was an abrasive material hose DN100. It is a hardwall hose used widely in the industry as a cement hose, sand hose, gravel hose or seed hose. For the purposes of this desulphurisation system it was assembled with aluminium flanges suitable for gypsum installation. However, selecting proper hose assembly was not enough for the project.  We were the only who could deliver the product and with the use of our service team, cut the hoses to the required length, assemble them and then install properly in the power plant (in one plane). We completed the task but only thanks to the combination of our knowledge, technology and hard work of highly qualified employees who mounted the hoses, we provided the top quality service for the customer.


The scale and responsibility of this flue gas desulphurization project was extreme. That is why we felt more pride after successful finish than after any other project. But this one had one more additional value. Thanks to our technical knowledge, available technology and services we helped our customer to become more green. And this is a by-product that we all benefit from.

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